A Sampling Of Testimonials From My Clients:

Since I started working on my meditations with Jasmine in late 2009, I have gone deeper, developed more clarity, and connected more openly with my guides and higher self. 
I'm not sure how to even explain what Jasmine does but it's quite extraordinary. As a result, I have more peace and tranquility in my life on a daily basis, and feel more connected with those around me too. 
My intuition has expanded and I'm content. 

Jasmine is loving, giving, and very generous with her time and abilities, and I recommend her to anyone seeking help on their own journey to self enlightenment. 
Maria Carlton The Blue Flame   

Our coaching call yesterday was absolutely amazing. I can really feel a shift, and feel lighter. It was a wonderful process you created.
Thank you so much. 
Mt Maunganui, New Zealand.

I went to Jasmine with a sore throat and cough that was not responding to treatment. She knew what was needed as soon as I arrived. After a profound energy healing, which cleared some very old issues, the symptoms disappeared almost immediately. 

I then had another session with Jasmine next day to clear further issues, and was impressed with the accuracy and clarity of the informationthat she gave.

With Jasmine I felt totally supported and safe exploring deep emotional issues.
Thank-you, Jasmine. 
Glenys New Millenium Oils  

"Every day I go through an internal 'thank you' process for your coaching Jasmine. I was initially interested in coaching as a tool to provide some direction in my life. Admittedly, once I had signed up for sessions - I wanted to go back for more!

I'm proud of my newly discovered ability to 'think bigger' and set great goals that are tailor-made to my lifestyle and values. I celebrate successes and don't take things for granted. I recognise that my unique reactions to things are okay - as long as I understand how this impacts on my decision making and progress in life in general.

I now put all of my ideas into action and remove the clutter in my life! The most fantastic thing about coaching is learning techniques to tap into the endless possibilities you can create for yourself. Great things can really happen.

Personally, I'm much closer to reaching those exciting financial goals - I started my own company. I meditate everyday and all this positive energy thanks to Jasmine! Having a coach is like listening to the little voice in the back of your mind that has been given a much stronger voice. I appreciate every minute of your time and commitment to helping me make a difference to my life." 

Barend Creative Pink Designs 

Every time I meditated my heart felt very tight and I felt I wanted to open it but didn't know how to do it. 

Since my focusing session with you my heart feels very open and light now and I will be practising your guided meditation to continue opening it. 


The healing process we did together for my relationship with my mother has made such a difference. She was here over the weekend and we had such a good time. 

Usually I am uptight and irritable when she is around and this time I wasn't. 

Thank you so much

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