Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Interview: Dr Robyn Mills

This week's interview is with Singer, Entertainer and Global Music Director for The Difference ™, Dr Robyn Mills.

Robyn Mills is a trained general and psychiatric nurse, naturopath, herbal medicine practitioner, masseur, and psychologist. She has a PhD in Psychology.  She has worked in the helping professions since 1973, having worked in major city hospitals and the last 10 years in private practice as a psychologist.  Robyn has also been the Director and founder of the College of Mind Therapies training Hypnotherapists.

Robyn calls herself the decade girl, because each decade she redefines herself.  This one is going to be the best decade yet, because Robyn has stopped being who she was, to live her dream of singing.  She decided that if she died without singing she would die with a broken heart.  This is her decade focusing on her own spirituality and honouring who she truly is in this world.

In her first year of following her dream, she won an Australian competition looking for Australia’s answer to Susan Boyle on Channel 9.  Robyn sings from the heart, plays her flute and creates heart centered meditation and visualisations.

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