Monday, 4 March 2013

My #1 Life-Changing Secret

Hi there.

I’m about to share a life-changing secret with you.

So stop what you are doing and sit down and give this email your full attention – I don’t want you to miss this.

Do you want to know what you can do right now that will start to make changes to the causes of everything that is showing up in your life as stuff you don’t want?

Of course you do.
(I promise this is not a sales pitch – nothing for you to buy or enroll for – I’m just sharing what I do that brings healing to me and everything around me.)

Read on.

The path of healing and transformation is very simple. – Just two steps

1.    Fully appreciate everything you already like in your life.
2.    Send love to everything you don’t.

You may feel like you are at the mercy of bad luck/other people/ the government/the economy/your childhood/fill in the blank…

You can change your life from ‘random’ to ‘on design’ right now, by choosing to drench everything in your life with love and gratitude.

Now before you dismiss all this as New Age woowoo – I ask you to be a good scientist and experiment for yourself

Start right now to say thank you to all the parts of life you like, and I love you to the feelings/people/situations you don’t like.

Start whispering those words over and over under your breath, or silently inside, to whatever is in your life right now

And I do mean everything. (It is really simple. I didn’t promise it was easy)

That is all – do it consistently for a week – and then email me about what changes you are observing.

 Did you know that water makes
 beautiful crystals when it is exposed to
 thoughts of love and gratitude?

 As we humans are made up of around
 60% water –– doesn’t it make good
 sense that you’d like to have as many
 of these beautiful crystals inside you
 as possible?

 This photo comes from the scientific
 research of Dr Masaru Emoto
 (

Have a great week!

With love


PS - remember to email me with your results

© Jasmine Sampson 2013

Friday, 8 February 2013

How Do You Want To Be Remembered?

Hello there

Some things have happened this week that have got me thinking. And I wanted to share with you.

I expect you’ve had the experience of meeting someone, and feeling like they are an old friend. 

Even though you’ve only known them a very short time, perhaps spoken briefly, they feel special. An old friend – newly met!

I met somebody like that at the end of last year in San Diego. 

It was the end of a great conference and  I was just finishing breakfast on Monday – ready to head to the airport for my flight home later that morning.

A young man stopped me and commented on something I’d said over the weekend that had touched him.

I joined him and his companions for a few minutes of deep conversation – then we all went on our way. Me back to New Zealand – he and his companions back to the East Coast of the USA.

I remember him, and his friends, and the conversation, often. It was special. They are special.

One of life’s blessings.

Life is good.

I emailed him yesterday to say ‘hi’ – and was stunned to discover that 3 weeks ago  his wife and unborn child died of a Strep infection – leaving him and two young children.

That, and the earthquake earlier this week in the Solomon Islands – has underlined for me this week that life is short and unpredictable.

Death is a close companion always.

We make plans for a future that we may not live to see. Today is the only day we have.  It is wise advice to live each day as if it is our last.

So what legacy do you want to leave?

We all leave a legacy.

Legacies don’t have to be big and grand to make a significant impact.

You don’t need to endow some university with millions of dollars to have made a difference in the world.

Your legacy is built day by day in the little and big decisions of life. 

When I think of legacy these are some of the things that come to mind in the people around me:

Judy – who when she passes will have blessed hundreds of people with loving texts, cards and gifts of encouragement and appreciation.

Annemarie - who creates beauty in her home and garden – so that visiting her is a feast and refreshment for the eye and the soul (her cooking is superb as well!)

Jenny - who had a vision for her small town to flourish and supported a mayoral candidate who turned the fortunes of the town around

Bernadette who travelled a long hard financial road with inspirational faith and courage.

Robert who gives generously of his time and expertise to those in need, and builds up his team mates with laughter and fun.

David, who greets me with a smile and a cheery word each morning when he arrives for work.

Eyal and  Perry, who are dealing with sudden loss with courage and  honesty.

So how do you want to be remembered and celebrated?

For Kindness?
A warm and welcoming smile?

What words would you like engraved on your memorial plaque?

What would you like to hear others say about you at your funeral?

Most of all – what would you want to say about yourself?

And having decided all that, if today were your last day, how would you want to live it?

What, if anything, would you do differently?

I’m sending a blessing to you and to your legacy. It is bigger than you think.

With love


Friday, 18 January 2013

Does nature enrich your life?

Over the summer break I drove around the Taranaki Coast Rd and stopped to take a picture of the lighthouse. The only sounds I could hear were the wind and the birds. I took time to eat my lunch and really soak in the luxury of that experience.  It is so rare to hear nature without any machines around.

It added just a few minutes to my trip - and the memory will enrich my life permanently.

What memories do you have to share from a time when you took time out of your schedule to be really present to the moment?

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