Monday, 1 August 2011

Article: Enjoying the Journey

I went exploring over the weekend. Exploring my inner world that is.

Reading The Map by Colette Baron-Reid has brought to consciousness my instinctive awareness of the inner landscapes I inhabit. And, most importantly, (thank you Colette) my ability to rework the contours and change my map at will.

When I turned my gaze inward on Saturday evening I knew immediately that i was pacing the edges of a lake, looking across to another land that was shrouded in mist. I’ve been there some time, waiting impatiently for a vehicle to ferry me across to the other shore. And as yet it had not appeared

Realising the mythical and magical nature of this land it was immediately obvious that I needed to summon the boat – or alternatively fly. It’s been a while that I’ve paced the Edges of Frustration, and by nature I tend to be impatient and impetuous. So I elected to fly.

The lake passed without a blink and I was flowing over the northern island, seeing that the land near the shore was uninviting at a glance and bordered by snow-capped mountains.

Beyond them though is the land I seek. A broad and fertile plain, sunny and green, sheltered and inviting with a wide river flowing through it and gleaming in the sunlight.

I landed quickly and ran about in delight exploring this new landscape. Casually I dipped a bucket of money from the River of Abundance and poured it onto the Garden of Dreams that I’ve planted there over the years, making flying visits but never before believing I could live there

I was surprised, in fact a little shocked, to see how instantly they sprouted, grew and bore fruit when doused with a good quantity of cash.

That was enough for one evening’s work, and I fell asleep pondering the significance of it all. If the world needs my dreams, is it my responsibility to allow through the money to manifest them then?

Morning brought fresh reflection, And the possibility that by flying straight into the Land Of Wealth I might be missing valuable lessons to be learned from traversing the land nearer the coast, and taking the pass through the mountains that I know exists.

Perhaps even flying across the lake was depriving me of experiences I would  treasure, and that would help me in my settling of the Plain of Riches?

So I’ve decided to take the boat. I was even prepared to row it myself, but find it is gliding along quite nicely by itself. Powered by my intention I suppose.

As I was delighting in the feel of the mist on my face – one of my most favourite experiences – it came to me suddenly: a fresh realisation that it is enjoying the journey that makes life so worthwhile, not just the arrival at a longed-for destination.

I’m garnering riches in every moment that I’m fully present and open to What Is, allowing Spirit and the power of my Intention to sort out the details while I focus on being heart-centred and heart-open to whatever occurs.

I’ll keep you posted on my travels. For now I’m enjoying the ride. 

© Jasmine Sampson
1st August 2011

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