About Me

So Who Is The Person Behind This Site?


 Golly I alway find this hard. I never know what to say when I talk about me.

 Let’s keep it simple.  (You are welcome to ask me specific questions directly. I'd find that much easier to answer.) 

This is a page from my heart. About me and my life experience.

You might call me a spiritual personal development junkie

    • I’ve always been aware of the spiritual aspect of life.
    • I committed my life to God when I was 18 years old.
    • I have spent more than 30 years focused on my personal and spiritual growth. .
    • I’ve used lots and lots of different processes and approaches
Lots of things made a big difference to how I felt – some didn’t.    In the end, my discoveries all boil down to three things:
  1. The more I resist something, the more it persists.
  2. I can change just about anything in my outer world by changing how I feel and think and talk about it.
  3. Unconditional Love works miracles.
After years of struggling, I've finally discovered that life can be easy and fun

I have discovered that it’s possible to be peaceful and joyful pretty much all the time. 

I have discovered that when I relax into the ebb and flow of life, that life can be a series of wonderful experiences.  Yes alright, some things don't feel so wonderful at the time.  But I'm learning how to flow with them too - and allow the wonderful thing to emerge! 

 So now I’m flowin’ with the current - except when I forget - and I'm getting better at noticing and getting back into the flow all the time.  

 (Yes you can learn this too. If you’re tired of struggle and ready to explore what happens when you learn to be gentle with yourself - go and check out my coaching pages on www.How-to-create-miracles.com)

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