Thursday, 22 September 2011

Interview: Jade Hom

This week's guest is Intuitive Healer Jade Hom

Jade is an energy intuitive who integrates Reiki, craniosacral therapy, Psych-K, Matrix Energetics together to transform unwanted issues for her clients.  She also teaches all levels of Reiki.  

Jade was doing adminisrative work in the healthcare field before becoming an energy intuitive.  After a health crisis one day, she realized that what was considered her fault as a human being was one of her greatest gifts.  She was always told that she was too sensitive.  Then one day she came to realized that she's extremely emphatic and intuitive.  She picks up other people's bodily discomforts and emotions with her own body.  Her own health crisis was resolved in a moment of realization.  Jade often hears the sound energy when she works with her clients.  All this makes her a sensitive and intuitive healer and teacher for others. 

Because of her own struggles with not fitting in the world like everyone else, Jade is a good teacher and mentor to her students Learn more about Jade at her website

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