Saturday, 24 November 2012

4 Ways To Fufil Your Destiny

Is building a business a struggle for you?

I spent a lot of years believing that life was meant to be hard, and trying to paddle upstream, pushing against what was happening in life. About 6 years ago I'd finally worn myself out and let myself start to flow with the current of the Universe, instead of against it.

And you know, my life is not just easier and happier now that I'm in flow, I'm actually far more successful now too. Not only in my business, but in everything I do.

The secret is that I've finally got into my own groove and started to work in harmony with my destiny.

The acorn doesn't have a goal to become an oak tree. And a caterpillar doesn't have a goal to become a butterfly.

They both just do what comes naturally to them, and make use of their environment to grow in the direction that is programmed into their DNA.

I've come to realise that people are just the same. Inside you is the destiny you are programmed to fufil. Following your inner blueprint is the quickest, easiest and most profitable path to your business success.

A fundamental principle of Organic Business Growth is allowing your own Spiritual DNA to guide your path. Setting the intention to fuful your destiny opens a wealth of unexpected guidance and resources that remain closed to you if you are trying to buid your business through human effort and will alone.

To help you, here are 4 ways to work with your Inner Blueprint:
  1. Set your intention - make a clear decision now, and state it aloud to the Universe, that you intend to be in harmony with your own destiny: to take the place in the word that you are here to fufil.
  2. Ask for Guidance and expect to get it. When you step up to fufil your destiny, you automatically open the channel for communication with your Soul. Be open to the unexpected ideas, chance encounters and new opportunities that come across your path. Follow up these serendipitous happenings - they will lead you somewhere.
  3. Take the next step. As human beings, we tend to be control freaks. We want to know not only the next step but the one after that, all the way to the end. Growing your business organically means letting go of the need to control 'how' something is achieved, and relaxing into doing the next thing that is yours to do. Your path grows naturally out of what is in your life right now. Start following your guidance by doing the thing that is most obvious, or that has been in your mind or a while. You grow to fufil your destiny one little step at a time.
  4. Test everything by how it makes your body feel. Have you ever 'trusted your gut instinct' on something? Your mind is a tricky beast and can easily confuse you. But the body doesn't lie. In fact, your body is the gateway to the huge realm of wisdom and knowledge of your unconscious mind, and a primary way of gaining insights and guidance. Develp the habit of tuning in, and asking your body how do you feel about this idea/project/person etc, and notice what sensations you feel inside. (Yes, I mean physical sensations). If your body is comfortable - go ahead. If it isn't - don't! Look around for a next step your body gives the thumbs up to. Do that instead.
I'll write more about the skill of listening to your body in another issue.
With love to you


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