Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Meditation to Heal To A Broken Heart

We can be heartbroken for many reasons, not just the end of a love affair or loss of a loved one. Right now, I believe most of humanity is broken hearted as a result of our longstanding sense of separation from our Creator, and from ourselves and each other, and from the Earth.

This meditation brings healing to this painful state of affairs.

Join Spiritual Healer and Life Coach, Jasmine Sampson to meditate for your own transformation and that of the planet. At this time of huge change and many challenges around the world, these meditations focus on allowing Divine Light and Love to flow through the mind and heart of humanity. Light and Love act with each person to produce the Highest Good for all.
Jasmine's meditations are created live and in the moment as she sets an intention and then opens to the Divine Realm to allow the experience to form. Participants comment about feeling deep Peace and Love during her meditations.
Contact Jasmine with questions and feedback through her website

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